Company profile

Farmhouse TV & Film is a production company for motion picture and television entertainment. Our production focus mainly lies in topics close to the heart of Europeans, especially in the Netherlands, where our facility is located.

Our goal is to inspire global interest in all stories we tell. By creating productions with a high entertainment factor, with topics that fit the zeitgeist of today. With that in mind, Farmhouse especially focuses on social and cultural affairs with relevant issues. We produce films, documentaries and television shows from beginning to end — from creating original ideas, script writing ,script development to the actual financial development, production and marketing. The driving force behind Farmhouse is CEO/Producer Klaas de Jong. (IMDb Klaas de Jong) and is reinforced by promising director, producer, editor and all-rounder Martijn Heijne.


Farmhouse is intimately involved in production from beginning to end. This means we are not just thinking about how to create and develop a concept, but also how to effectively execute a project. Where many production companies are particularly concerned with the financial side of a production, Farmhouse is also the creative engine. Because of this methodology, the production process remains well monitored, while the concept which is ultimately necessary to entertain and inspire the audience remains in focus.

To ensure our projects reach their full potential, we like to work with multi-talented people. We keep our organization and production crews as slim as possible to make sure we are all working in the same direction, as well spending as much of any budget as possible on what the audience will see on the screen. We are known to be highly efficient, reliable and effective. Both in our own productions as in providing production services for international partners.

International Production Services

Besides developing our own projects we are working together with other (international) producers, offering complete production services in The Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. We have a lot of experience with international financing, shooting and post-production. This makes us a trustworthy and reliable partner for any kind of project.


Farmhouse is used to work internationally in complicated financial and juridical structures and circumstances. We have experience working with all kind of tax-rebate regulations.