Penny's Shadow

Lisa is seventeen years old and has a special relationship with horses.
Together with her mother and little sister Tess she spends the summer holidays on one of the Dutch Isles, Ameland.Tess brings her cute little pony Rakker with her.
They stay on the farm camp of the eighteen year old Kai and his father.
Kai’s mother died years ago in an accident with her beloved black stallion Shadow. Kai was there when the accident happened and feels very guilty. The horse survived but is heavily traumatized and unreliable, that’s why Kai isn’t able to connect with the horse anymore. Lisa is convinced that she can help Shadow. But Kai sees nothing in her plans.
Still she decides to train him secretely……

Cinema visitors: 190.000

Producer: Klaas de Jong / Steven de Jong
Director: Steven de Jong
Scenario: Lars Boom
Idea by: Klaas de Jong en Hilda van der Meulen
Foreign sales: Daniëlle Raaphorst / Incredible Film )

Dutch website: http://www.pennydefilm.nl/
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