80 Years of War

TV-series / Feature Film

80 Years of War is a historical movie about the beginning of the Eighty Years’ War that raged in Europe against King Philip II of Spain. William of Orange, now known as the founding father of the Netherlands, led the rebellion and signed the Dutch declaration of independence in 1581.
Most of his live he was loyal to the Spanish King and fought side by side him. But William was against the Spanish Inquisition that brought other believers to the stake and pled for freedom of all religion. As a response, the Spanish king send the Duke of Alva, also known as the Butcher of Flanders, to the Low Countries and ordered an even more violent inquisition.
Williams young brother Louis of Nassau and good friend Henry, Lord of Bréderode, started the Dutch revolt against the Spanish King and called the Dutch resistance fighters: ‘Beggars.’ Soon there is friction between William and the Beggars. William wants peace and tolerance, while many Beggars take revenge and want justice. Unfortunately for William, he will have to work together with the Beggars to win this war.
William has to let go of his own principles in order to get what he wants most, a free and independent Holland, and he will pay for it with his life.

Genre: Historical / Action

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