The Leak


Arthur Menzler is a nuclear physicist who is convinced that nuclear energy is the only way to safe our planet. After years of lobbying for his employer CORE – a big player in renewable energy – he’s succeeded in realizing a brand new power plant close to the border between The Netherlands and Belgium. Feeling responsible for ‘his creation’, Arthur even goes as far as to moving his family to one of the small towns surrounding the plant, thus killing two birds with one stone: not only is he now close to his work, it’s also Arthur’s way of showing the mistrusting locals that it’s a 100% safe. Yet the plant hasn’t been operational for a month, when a construction fault is discovered within the core reactor. Even though one of the chief engineers insists the plant needs to be shut down for the reactor to be repaired, Arthur – afraid a first sign of trouble might cause him to lose the public’s trust – decides the problem can be fixed whilst keeping the plant up and running. But when the engineer threatens to leak information to the press, Arthur is forced to cross moral boundaries to save his dream of a fossil-fuel free world…

Genre: Political thriller

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