Warm Blood

Feature Film

Warm Blood is a true story about hundreds of thousands of people who were forced to leave their home country Indonesia to The Netherlands because they had mixed blood in the 1950’s.

It’s story about Princess Sarikem, daughter of the Sultan of Solo, living a wonderful colonial life with her three beautiful daughters and her Dutch husband. All her daughters married a Dutch man as well, against the wishes of her father the Sultan. When the Second World War breaks out, Japan takes over Java. All the Dutch people are interned and deported to Burma. Soon the Indonesian people strongly revolt against the 300 years of Dutch oppression. Even people with mixed blood, like Sarikems daughters, are not save in their own country. They flee their home and voluntarily choose to live in a Japanese concentration camp. But are they really save there?

A drama about how our smallest choices can have enormous consequences.

Genre: True Story / Historical / Drama

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