Kameleon 2

In Kameleon 2 a moneygrubbing contractor wants to put a highway and a villa quarter right through the rustic village Lenten, the hometown of the Klinkhamer twins. A few old farms and the old mill, the symbol of Lenten, have to make place for it. When these plans are disclosed it brings a tremendous commotion amongst the inhabitants of Lenten. Even within the Klinkhamer family they can’t agree if these changes will be good or bad for the little town. A lot will change, that’s for sure, but for the better?

Cinema visitors: 450.000
DVD sales: 250.000 pieces
First tv-broadcast: 1,1 million viewers

Producer: Klaas de Jong/ Steven de Jong
Director: Steven de Jong
Scenario: Jean Ummels
Co-writer: Steven de Jong
Idea by: Steven de Jong en Klaas de Jong

Foreign sales: Danielle Raaphorst / Incredible Film )

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