In the year 754 after Christ Frisia and Scandinavia are the only areas that have not been Christianized yet and where the people believe in nature gods, themselves and where they have a great sense of freedom. The border lies at the river Rhine. Below the river the Franks are in power who have been Christian for a long time. Their believe is all about culture, penance and obedience. The Franks try everything in their power, including violence, to Christianize the Northern part of Europe.

Redbad is an epic story about the King of Frisia around 700 after Christ. An action and mystical film based on the many sagas and legends about him. When the father of Redbad is murdered in front of his eyes, Redbad doesn’t feel he is worthy to step into the footsteps of his father. Only when he learns to trust his culture, he discovers a higher power that is hidden inside him. Many years later, when Redbad returns from Vikingland, he finds his brother on the throne and encouter with the Christians. This sight is unbearable for Redbad. But soon, the people want Redbad as their King…

Genre: historical saga / action / thriller

Producer: Farmhouse Film
Co-producer Belgium: Katleen Goossens (Bulletproof Cupid bvba)
Director: Roel Reiné
Screenplay: Alex van Galen

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