“De scheepsjongens van Bontekoe”

Captain Bontekoe’s ship sails into a small Dutch coastal town to load up on supplies for his next voyage. Hajo, the 14 year old son of a sailor who drowned at sea during a journey with Bontekoe, begs the captain to let him join the crew.
Just as the ship pulls away from the warf, his best friend, Padde, jumps on board too. Together with Rolf, the captain’s nephew, the three boys soon discover that life as a deckhand brings new challenges every day. The boys are taunted by the older, more experienced sailors and they are given the worst jobs on board to do. When the ship catches fire they have to learn fast in order to survive. When they finally get back home a year later, the boys that left have grown to men.

Cinema visitors: 200.000
DVD sales: 140.000 pieces
First tv-broadcast: 1,2 million viewers

Producer: Klaas de Jong / Steven de Jong
Director: Steven de Jong
Scenario: Mischa Alexander
Co-writer: Steven de Jong
Idea by: Klaas de Jong en Steven de Jong (based on a book of Johan Fabricius, 1924)

Foreign sales: Danielle Raaphorst / Incredible Film )

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